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Bec Martin

Bravery - A Baby Sea Turtle's First Adventure

Bravery - A Baby Sea Turtle's First Adventure

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Bravery: A Baby Sea Turtle’s First Adventure is a children’s book, beautifully illustrated with full-page watercolor paintings. It tells the story of a loggerhead sea turtle hatchling figuring out what/who she is as she begins to emerge from her egg, deep underneath the sand. She must navigate her way to the surface of the sand, along with her siblings, and then make her way safely to the ocean to begin her adventurous life as a sea turtle.

The story is told from the baby sea turtle’s perspective. The imagery of the journey is both realistic and creative. Author, Bec Martin, has volunteered for several years with the Topsail Turtle Project, a program of The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, located in Surf City, North Carolina. As a volunteer, Bec has observed many sea turtle nests and has been present when the hatchlings have emerged and made their way to the ocean. 

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